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Avinu - The CMS for modern 2017 web applications


What is Avinu?

Avinu is a Content Management System (CMS) built on the Vork enterprise framework and powered by the MongoDB NoSQL database.

What is the difference between Avinu Beyond the Cloud and Avinu CMS?

Avinu Beyond the Cloud requires no technical skills and you can start creating your own Avinu-powered site in less than 1-minute. We make the process of becoming a part of the internet cloud that quick and easy! Avinu CMS is a downloadable version of Avinu that requires installation onto your own web server, a 10-minute procedure for someone with basic-technical skills. Installation of Avinu CMS includes the Vork framework, so you get the option to use Avinu for selected parts of your site and custom-program other parts of your applications in PHP utilizing the extensive Vork toolset.

Is it really free?

Sure is! Avinu CMS is released under the Free Open Source Software license (FOSS) GPLv3. Avinu Beyond the Cloud is 100% free but there is a limit on file storage, if you exceed the limit then you will be prompted to purchase additional storage space (similar to the way Flickr has Flickr Pro accounts). This is totally optional and you can alternatively utilize external file storage like Amazon S3 to continue utilizing Avinu Beyond the Cloud at no charge.

Can I use my own domain with Avinu Beyond the Cloud?

Certainly! First, create an Avinu Beyond the Cloud account and make sure when you sign up that the URL for your Avinu Cloud site will start with your domain name, so if your domain is www.icecream.com then your Avinu Cloud URL should be icecream.avinu.org. If your site is currently hosted as a subdomain of another site like blogspot.com then your Avinu site needs to match the subdomain of that site, so icecream.blogspot.com would need to be registered on Avinu as icecream.avinu.org.

Next point your domain to Avinu. The simplest way to do this is to redirect to your Avinu site, eg.: http://icecream.avinu.org

If you would like to keep your domain in the URL-bar then instead of a redirect you need to either issue an "A-Record" to point your domain to your Avinu Cloud site or point your domain to the IP address of Avinu.org ( With either method, Avinu will automatically connect your domain to your Avinu Cloud site for both "www.yourdomain.com" and just "yourdomain.com"

Most domain registrars will give you the option to point to an IP or create an A-Record, if yours does not and only asks for your DNS settings (a set of two or more addresses) then you need to use a DNS-forwarding service like ZoneEdit to set this up (most users can utilize their free account.)

What does Avinu mean?

Avinu (aah-vee-new) is the biblical word for "Our Father", implying the Supreme Being in a manner used by most religions. Those who do not believe in a Higher-Power may choose to pronounce it Avin-"U" (av-in-you), like the word "avenue".