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Avinu - The CMS for modern 2017 web applications

Accessibility Statement (a11y)

Standards Adherence

Avinu generates valid XHTML 1.1 that, when administered as intended, adheres to Section 508 and W3C WAI accessibility standards.


Avinu automates many accessibility requirements and provides interfaces for those which cannot be automated (eg. the text description of an image.) Creating/administering an Avinu site requires JavaScript and the use of a mouse or pointing device.


Sites built with Avinu are inherently created with maximum usability; however the administrator of an Avinu-site can potentially add functionality that would impair usability for those with special-needs.

Web 2.0

All features within Avinu automatically degrade-gracefully in less-capable browsers. This means that with Avinu you can utilize the newest Web 2.0 features without fear of causing inaccessibility.